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information on legit work at home oppurtunities
working_at_home is a place to find out about legitimate work at home jobs. They do exist!

General Rules:

  • Legit jobs, only. Jobs that hire you as an actual employee or independent contractor. Legit jobs generally covers a type of job you would normally do in an office or similar setting. Some examples include but are not limited to customer service, data entry, and transcription

  • Discussion on sales rep positions are aloud as long as it pertains to working at home and not attempting to sell your goodshere. In other words, it's ok to ask how to market yourself but it's not ok to post a link to what you are selling.

  • No posting of referrals. This means no posting of any link that will get you credit for someone signing up under you.

  • No "get rich quick schemes", MLM or similar types of jobs. These are not legit work at home jobs.

  • No surveys. Filling out surveys is not a job.

  • Please forward all questions to ljworkathome@gmail.com